Trauma Shears


No nurse is complete without a pair of trusty trauma shears. But so many nurses go without them. Why is that? A common reason we found is that most trauma shears are large and do not fit easily into scrubs.

We have fixed that for you. Our trauma shears are smaller than most shears on the market which makes them perfect for scrub pockets. But do not let the size fool you. These shears are just as tough and can cut through everything you need them to. We found that nurses prefer a smaller, lighter weight, and a more versatile pair of trauma shears.

And always remember when someone wants to borrow your shears you tell them “Buy your own.”

Stop being that nurse that relies on others and get your own shears.

Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel
Cut Length: 2 in.

-Serrated blade
-Blunt tip
ight Weight
-Small and versatile



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